About Us

There's nowhere that we can’t be as a mentor and there's no part of the child's life that can't be impacted.



We support, train, advocate and provide technical assistance to mentoring organizations engaging schools and the community.



Strengthen the mentoring community in the state of South Carolina through education and training.

Mentor Training
program planning
Leadership coaching

Our purpose

is to be the champion for expanding mentoring programs for the communities in the state of South Carolina. We will serve as a public voice for all forms of mentoring by promoting quality mentoring programs, state and local partnerships, and leadership training.


We aim to

give organizations the support and technical assistance they need to engage all sectors of mentoring in the businesses, schools, and community by:

1.      Providing training and support for mentoring programs.

2.     Creating a statewide directory of mentoring organizations.

3.     Advocating for issues and standards that promote and support high-quality mentoring in South Carolina.

4.     Recognizing the accomplishments of mentors and the organizations that support them.

5.     Increasing public awareness about mentoring opportunities, needs, and the positive outcomes associated with it.