We Provide Support to Leaders Looking to Plan, Design and Implement Their Mentoring Program.




We're Here To Help You Succeed By Developing Comprehensive Mentoring Programs that Engage, Excite and Inform

Our Services

We help existing organizations through the development of mentoring training, resource materials, guidance and consultations on mentor recruitment plans and strategies.

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Training with Integrity

Our goal is to help organizations train every adult who desires to pass on a valuable skill or lesson on to a child -- to insure that they are equipped with the skills to do so. 

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The Importance of Mentoring

Mentoring is a community development tool. It is a social justice tool that helps young people navigate the world that they're in. Mentoring is like the Swiss Army knife of everything if done properly.

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Did You Know Kids that are Mentored Are:

Less Likely to Skip Class
More likely to hold leadership positions
Less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs

Words of Praise for SC Mentors

When I started my non-profit over eight years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was, I had a passion to work with the young men in my community to help them become better. It was not until I met Sam two years ago when I begin to solidify my non-profit business.  I can honestly say it is because of his wealth of knowledge with setting up and building a non-profit and his clear understanding of program development that the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club organization is in a better place. Ricardo Perry, founder of the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Clubs and the Exchange Program

Samuel Bellamy is an essential piece that is missing in far too many organizations. He has the uncanny ability to help organizations get from vision to production wisely and efficiently without too many missteps. I consider his advice and counsel invaluable and irreplaceable. Every organization needs a Sam, and now through his consulting services, more organizations WILL have Sam! The community wins. – Rezsaun Lewis, Program Director of the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club

“As a company focused on connecting our clients with the right resources to help them achieve their goals it is extremely important to know what organizations are out there and exactly what they do. With a focus on youth and community development it is a necessity to also have current industry specific information in real time to make sure that each client is engaged with an organization that is the right “fit”.

SC Mentors has been an invaluable resource that has taken the guesswork out of researching and finding what organizations in the field of mentoring and youth development are out there. SC Mentors provides detailed information that allowed our company to help clients find mentor organizations that would not only fit their needs but also were a good fit to build long term relationships with.

SC Mentors helped reduce our workload and allowed us to be able to focus on other aspects of our client’s needs. Their professionalism and knowledge gave us the confidence to make referrals and recommendations with no hesitation. We would recommend SC Mentors to any individual, group or organization that is truly looking for a repository of current information regarding the field of mentoring.” – Aj Davis, Founder of People Dynamics, LLC